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Losing your eye

Losing your eye due to an injury or a disease e.g. Glaucoma, Cancer and even repeat infections etc can be extremely devastating, but a prosthetic eye will ensure your appearance isn't affected.

In order to have a prosthetic eye fitted you will need to undergo a surgery called 'Enucleation'. This surgical procedure involves a specialist eye doctor removing your natural un-usable eye and reattaching the muscles that previously controlled your natural eye to an implant. This implant will support your prosthetic eye and allow you to move both eyes in tandem making it appear as natural eyes do.

During the surgical procedure, a small device called a conformer will be placed underneath your eyelid in order to keep the rounded shape of an eye.

A few weeks later once you have fully healed from the Enucleation surgery, your specialist eye doctor will remove the conformer and replace it with your personalised prosthetic eye.

It is important to remember that even with a prosthetic eye your vision in the affected eye will not be restored but will give the appearance that you have two working eyes.

Lossing an eye, artificial eye service
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