Frequently asked questions

Do you make glass eyes?

Why should I clean my prosthesis?

Can I clean my prosthesis myself?

Can you train me?

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Can I order a prosthesis online?

Do you make eyes for infants?

Can I get my prosthesis insured?

Who will be seeing me?

Where are your clinics?

What does it cost?

Please see our Services page for more information on cost.

Will I need my prosthesis polished?

How long will the prosthesis last?

What pupil size should I have?

Will the prosthesis move?

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Will the prosthesis be the same colour as my real eye?

How long will it take to make my prosthesis?

What are JPL's ocular prosthetics made of?

What should I expect from my initial consulation with you?

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Can I still play sports whilst wearing a prosthetic eye?

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