We don't save lives,

We change them.

Handmade glass & acrylic bespoke
prosthetic eyes made in the UK.
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Meet your new Ocularist!

During your initial consultation, we will examine the condition of your socket and your current prosthesis (if you have one). This will help us determine whether or not you require any surgical intervention prior to the prosthesis being made. If this is the case, we will put you in contact with surgeons that will help you.

We'll also take this opportunity to answer any questions you may have and manage your expectations. The artificial eye we will craft you will be state-of-the-art and will look as close to your human eye as we can possibly achieve. However, it will never be an exact replica or a perfect replacement for a human eye and it is important to understand this.

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Losing an eye...

To most people, losing an eye is unfathomable. However, if you're reading this it is likely you yourself have recently lost an eye, or maybe you know someone who has. Either way, this is an enormous change in your life and there are lots of new things to learn and plenty of things to re-learn... Simple things like pouring a drink or buttering toast become quite an 'interesting' experience, but trust us when we say: you will adapt and you will thrive. The human brain is a remarkable thing and the human spirit is even more astonishing.

Our eyes are how we connect with one another and many even say that “the eyes are a window to the soul ”.

But, they’re not the only window to your soul... Your kindness, your humour, your love, even your weaknesses are what makes you, you. It's important to remember that as you begin your 'new normal' life.

Here at John Pacey-Lowrie Limited in Nottingham, UK, we have seen hundreds of patients that have lost an eye due to disease or trauma. As Ocularists it is our job to fit, paint and fabricate bespoke prosthetic eyes. We have extensive knowledge of the human eye and eye socket and can quickly detect any problem that needs to be addressed by your optometrist (eye doctor).

We've been creating prosthetic eyes for infants, children, teenagers, adults and the elderly for over a decade; hundreds of people who have suffered similar trauma's, all from different backgrounds, have walked in-and-out of our clinic doors and have continued to live their lives with a smile on their faces.

We may not be able to bring your human eye back but we will do our best to replicate your existing eye and restore some of that confidence you may have lost.


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What do people think of our service?

"I visited JPL Ltd in April. After looking at their website I decided to give them a call and immediately after speaking to Sean I felt at ease and made an appointment - The best decision I have ever made!! My friend and I visited the clinic and had a lovely warm welcome from all the team. They made my lovely new eye and gave me my confidence back. My face actually looks alive again . I can definitely recommend John and Sean, they are a remarkable team ."

"I have been a patient of John’s for a long time. There are no words to describe just how good he is. He has, and continues to be, very supportive to me in what has not been a straightforward ‘journey’. His prosthetics are very natural-looking, comfortable to wear and made in a very short time, unlike one I had from elsewhere which took months to be made, was a different colour and couldn’t be retained. He is one clever man who always puts his patients first. We are so lucky to have him, and Karen, in Nottingham."​

"John and his team are true professionals. They did a perfect job. I’m very satisfied with the results. They were very supportive and did their best. Thank you!!"

"Our real-life superheroes! Their work is outstanding and the attention to detail is phenomenal. We can not recommend JPL enough."

"The care I have received recently from JPL has been fantastic. Not only are they very skilled ocularists who made me a lovely prosthesis but they are gentlemen who make you feel very at ease and makes the process of getting an eye easy. I highly recommend JPL to anyone who requires an artificial eye."

"JPL Ltd are very professional but very warm and friendly at the same time, always makes me feel at ease would highly recommend him to anyone who is looking for excellent prosthetics eyes.."​

"Dear John & Sean, Just wanted to say a huge thank you for my new eye - it is amazing. Thank you for making the experience of the whole process a very positive one and pleasurable. I also appreciate the extra time you spent to get it just right for me and I promise I will only stick to one gin and tonic from now! I never thought it possible to look so good again after a fairly traumatic last six months. Thanks again for your patience and compassion. I look forward to seeing you again in a few months time for a polish."

"Thanks John for your kindness & compassion in dealing with fitting the new prosthesis for me. Since the final fitting yesterday I can't stop looking at myself in the mirror... and it's not just vanity! It really looks so well and moves so much better than before. After wearing a glass eye for nearly thirty years the plastic prosthesis is a huge improvement. Once again thanks for all your professionalism."

"Thanks John and Karen for all of your care and of course the amazing eyes you've created for me over the last 22 years. It’s no exaggeration to say that without it my life would be very different. It’s not just about the unbelievable skill you have in what you do, its also about the way you are with all of your patients - so caring and comforting. I will really never be able to thank you enough."

"JPL has restored my appearance and confidence back to its original state. They have a great gift/talent and they've truly changed my life for the better."

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"Living With No Eyes"

An inspiring interview with Matthew...

Meet Matthew, an inspiring and optimistic young man who was born with bilateral anophthalmia. 

In this short interview, Matthew shows us that living with no eyes doesn't mean living with no life!

We hope you join us in celebrating this wonderful chap and his accomplishments.