*You will still be charged for the initial consultation but this will be deducted from the total cost of your new bespoke prosthesis.

Losing an eye...

Amazing artificial eye

To most people, losing an eye is unfathomable. 

Our eyes are how we connect with one another and many even say that “the eyes are a window to the soul ”.

But, they’re not the only window to your soul...

Your kindness, your humour, your quirks, your ability to love, and even your weaknesses are what makes you, you

There is no doubt that losing an eye(s) is a very traumatic event.

It may be one of the toughest things you ever have to cope with.

But it doesn’t mean that your life is over, not by any stretch.


Here at John Pacey-Lowrie Limited, we have been creating prosthetic eyes for infants, children, teenagers, and adults for over a decade. That’s hundreds of people who have suffered similar trauma's, all from different backgrounds, who have walked in-and-out of our clinic doors and have continued to move forward, adapt and thrive.

With our help, your ‘new normal’ is just around the corner. We may not be able to bring you your human eye back but we will do our best to replicate your existing eye and restore some of that confidence you may have lost.


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We don't save lives,

We change them.

Handmade glass & acrylic bespoke ocular prosthetic devices made in the UK.

"I visited JPL Ltd in April. After looking at their website I decided to give them a call and immediately after speaking to Sean I felt at ease and made an appointment - The best decision I have ever made!! My friend and I visited the clinic and had a lovely warm welcome from all the team. They made my lovely new eye and gave me my confidence back. My face actually looks alive again . I can definitely recommend John and Sean, they are a remarkable team ."


Ocularist, Sean Sohn | Artificial Eye Specialist

Sean Sohn



Ocularist, John Pacey-Lowrie | Artificial Eye Specialist

John Pacey-Lowrie




Ocularist, Valdis Valters | Artificial Eye Specialist

Valdis Valters



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"Living With No Eyes"

An inspiring interview with Matthew...

Meet Matthew, an incredibly inspiring and optimistic young man who was born with bilateral anophthalmia. 

In this short interview, Matthew shows us that living with no eyes doesn't mean living with no life!

We hope you join us in celebrating this wonderful chap and his many accomplishments.