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The Silver Linings Prosthesis (Part Two) | 08.09.16

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Who’s the cheekiest person you know? What’s the most outrageous thing he/she has done? Some people love to be the life of the party and a cheeky chappy can often be that person. Whether it be playing pranks, telling crude jokes or just being a complete muppet. Now imagine if your audacious friend had a prosthetic eye! What sort of crazy things would they get up to?

Well here at JPL Limited we know such a person…


In his youth Brian was a very keen footballer and one of the lads. Him and his fellow team-mates would always go a for a few swift pints after a game and get up to no good (as you’d expect).

During one of these nights out Brian was involved in a pretty horrific accident and lost one of his eyes. It goes without saying that this massively affected Brian’s confidence, to the point that he quit the football team and stopped going out with his friends…

For a very long time Brian had a prosthesis that was too big and the wrong colour, he didn’t want to be seen by anyone and hated looking in the mirror.

At this point in his life Brian worked in a garage servicing cars. One day he was greeted by a lady named Julie and immediately fell for her. He thought she was so utterly gorgeous but he couldn’t find the courage to speak to her, until all of a sudden she came and spoke to him. They spoke for a good while before Julie boldly asked Brian if he was wearing a prosthetic eye. Brian was shocked. Although the eye looked far from perfect no one had ever cottoned on that the eye was artificial. He told her his story and after quite a deep conversation he felt obliged to ask her out for a drink.

A few more dates, a lot more drinks, dinners and laughter, Brian proposed to Julie. With this he promised himself that he would get a proper fitting, correctly coloured prosthetic eye. This is how Brian met John Pacey-Lowrie.

Now 66 years young Brian is as cheeky as ever; secretly popping his new prosthetic into Julie’s purse when she goes shopping to “keep an eye on her spending”.

We’re sure there’ll be many pranks that Brian will tell us about over the years and we’ll be sure to keep you informed!

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Till next time!


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