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The Silver Linings Prosthesis (Part One) | 05.09.16

Updated: Jul 17, 2018

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We all react to things differently.

We’ve all got that one friend or partner who has gone completely mad because they have “nothing to wear”, and likewise we all have a colleague or family member that is so chilled they’re practically frozen.

To some people the last morsel of butter is the equivalent to a car crash, to others a car crash is equivalent to wearing odd socks. We’re quite a strange bunch really.

Despite how we all differ from one another in terms of emotions & reactions, there is one thing for certain that would make even Bob Ross feel completely shaken up - the loss of sight.

Being in the profession of Ocularistry, it is only natural to hear of real life horror stories from folks who have gone through the trauma of losing an eye, or even both eyes. Sight is something that we take for granted from the day we first recognise our mother’s/father’s faces, and when it is so unjustly taken away from us it doesn’t just turn lives upside down; it completely turns out the lights.

However, even in the face of this life altering transformation, in defiance of the anguish and woe that can come with such a tragedy; the majority of the souls who walk through John Pacey-Lowrie’s clinic door are incredibly optimistic, and my goodness do they have some funny & heart-warming stories to tell! This is the purpose of this series; to try and find a candle when those lights go out…

*The following is inspired by a true story. Details have been changed to protect JPL Limited’s clients personal information.


Eccentric, wonderfully classy, and a real room brightener; Betty, 65, is a truly fantastic woman. Currently living in the Channel Islands with her husband of 40 years, Derek, she is enjoying all the benefits of retired life (and keeping Derek on his toes whilst she’s at it!).

In her younger years Betty was part of a singing group with her three sisters. They called themselves ‘The Coast Girls’ and performed Beach Boys songs in bars, weddings and even in the hospital after their Auntie gave birth to their cousin! The four sisters did everything together, they were truly inseparable.

Unfortunately, regardless of Betty’s bond with her kin she always felt somewhat of an outcast due to her being the only girl without a coloured fleck in her left eye… It may sound silly but this was a strong trait in her family and she couldn’t help but wonder why she didn’t share this particular resemblance.

Moving on a fair few years and Betty is now married to Derek. They have two boys, Michael & David who are both very interested in music - much like their mama. It was at this point in Betty’s life where everything dramatically changed. A tragic accident left Betty blind in her left eye, an eye that had to be eviscerated*. It goes without saying that she, and her family were incredibly distraught.

It was in the hospital, after the surgery, that she was referred to John. They immediately hit it off and during conversation Betty mentioned the story of how she always wanted a fleck in her left eye… So from that moment on Betty finally felt like a proper member of her family with a light brown leaf-shaped dash of colour in her new hand-made ocular prosthesis.

It’s amazing how something as small as a smudge of paint can change how people see themselves after the loss of an eye. It’s quite a gorgeous tale and a true silver lining.

We’ll be back next week with ‘The Silver Linings Prosthesis (Part 2)’, so if you’ve enjoyed reading this blog and would like to read future stories please be sure to follow us.


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