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We are open and doing our best to keep you and our staff safe.


John Pacey-Lowrie Limited have created three simple steps for our patients and staff to follow in order to lessen the risk of our patients and staff contracting/spreading COVID-19 when visiting our clinic in Nottingham (please note our other clinics remain closed at the present time).


Please note the following steps are mandatory, failure to follow the steps will result in your appointment being cancelled.



When you make an appointment of any kind with us, you will be emailed/sent this Statement, a general COVID-19 questionnaire and a COVID-19 travel questionnaire.    We request that you complete and return them as soon as possible prior to your appointment date.  We can then determine whether we can or cannot see you.  Your appointment will be confirmed upon a successful determination of the questionnaire.



We may contact you a couple of days before to double-check that all is still well.  As time progresses and Covid-19 restrictions begin to be lifted, however, this will become less necessary but we will rely on you to let us know of any changes regarding COVID-19.



On the day of your appointment:

  • Please do not arrive early as we will not be able to allow you in until the appointed time.

  • You should attend alone unless you are under 16 or are a carer for a vulnerable person or there are other pre-discussed extenuating circumstances.

  • Please bring the minimum amount of baggage (i.e. coat, hat, phone, handbag) with you.


At your allotted time, please ring the bell so a member of staff can greet you.  They will be wearing protective personal equipment so, please do not be alarmed by this.  You’ll be given hand-sanitiser and asked to replace your mask with one of ours.  Your temperature will be taken and recorded and then passed to our Ocularist.


You will be escorted to the clinic at a safe, social distance, to see resident Ocularist, Sean Sohn, who will be conducting your treatment.


Sean will present you with a sanitised plastic container in which you must place your belongings.  We also ask that all electronic devices be switched off whilst you are in the clinic.  


Then just sit back and let Sean do all the work!


A couple of things to note:

  • If you are accompanying a child, only one parent may be allowed in the clinical area at one time.  We do ask that, if possible, only one parent/carer/guardian accompany the patient; the fewer people in the reception area the safer we will all be.

  • At this time, we will be unable to accept cash or cheques.  Please use credit/debit card or bank transfer payment only.

  • Everything mentioned previously is mandatory.  Failure to follow our rules and guidelines will result in your appointment being cancelled.


All of us here at John Pacey-Lowrie Limited are looking forward to welcoming you all to the clinic.  Please bear with us whilst we try our best to navigate our way through this difficult situation.


Stay safe!

With thanks,

The John Pacey-Lowrie Limited Team

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