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March 2021 COVID19 Statement | John Pacey-Lowrie Limited

We are now taking bookings for our Nottingham clinic.

February 2021 COVID19 Statement | John Pacey-Lowrie Limited

Hopefully, we will be out of the national lockdown towards the middle of February. We will keep you updated as we get more information. Many thanks for your patience.

January 2021 COVID19 Statement | John Pacey-Lowrie Limited

Unfortunately, the UK is in lockdown once again due to the COVID-19 pandemic. This means that we have been forced to close our clinic doors and postpone all appointments till a later date. We hope to reopen in February once the lockdown has lifted.

December 2020 COVID19 Statement | John Pacey-Lowrie Limited

Open as usual but at a limited capacity. Closed from Monday 21st December - Monday 4th January.

November 2020 COVID19 Statement | John Pacey-Lowrie Limited

England is in lockdown once again. At this time, we are allowed to remain open at the limited capacity we have been working at.

See the safety measures we have put in place in the 'Moving Forward with Covid-19' video below.

We are hoping to reopen in August but this will be a very limited service:

  • First, we will be seeing patients that had appointments cancelled at the beginning of lockdown. In addition, those who have had their eye(s) surgically removed before or during lockdown, as well as those who have damaged their prostheses during lockdown.

  • There will be no routine appointments (that’s reviews, check-ups and polishes) until further notice. If you are desperate to clean your prosthesis we have a guideline video on

  • Although the borders may be open, the situation regarding the quarantine period  makes it extremely difficult for us to see any patients that wish to travel to us from overseas. However, please keep in touch and we’ll get you here as soon as we can.

July 2020 COVID19 Statement “3 Steps” | John Pacey-Lowrie Limited


John Pacey-Lowrie Limited will be opening the clinic doors again, slowly and safely, over the coming weeks and months. 


In order to lessen the risk of contracting and spreading COVID-19, we have created three simple steps for our staff and our patients to follow when visiting our clinic in Nottingham (please note, our other clinics are still closed).


The following steps are mandatory: failure to follow the steps will result in your appointment being cancelled.


STEP ONE - Touch Base

If you fall into one of the limited services we are offering you will receive a phone call or email to discuss an appointment date and time. You will also be sent a COVID questionnaire that will need to be completed and returned without delay. We can then determine whether we can or can not see you. Your appointment will be confirmed upon a successful determination of the questionnaire.


STEP TWO - Double check

48 hours before your appointment you will receive a call, email or text message asking you to answer the same questions from step one. Provided your circumstances have not changed, i.e. yourself and those you live with have had no symptoms of COVID-19, you will be given the ‘all-clear’ to come to the clinic. This is for your safety, our ocularists safety and the safety of our staff and their families.


STEP THREE - Appointment day

On the day of your appointment: 

  • Please do not arrive early as we will not be able to let you in,  

  • You should attend alone unless you are under 16 or are a carer for a vulnerable person,

  • You must bring the minimum amount of baggage (handbag, coat, hat, phone) with you.


At your allotted time please ring the bell so a member of staff can greet you. They will be wearing protective personal equipment so, please do not be alarmed by this.

You’ll be given hand-sanitiser and asked to wear a mask; If you have your own mask you may wear this, if you do not own a mask we will provide one for you. 


You will then be escorted to the clinic at a safe, social distance, to see resident Ocularist, Sean Sohn, who will be conducting your treatment.

Sean will present you with a sanitized plastic container in which you must put your belongings; handbag, coat, hat, mobile phone, tablet, etc. We also ask that all electronic devices be switched off whilst you are in the clinic.

Then, just sit back and let Sean do all the work!



A couple of things to note;

  • If you are accompanying a child only one parent may be allowed in the clinical area at one time. We do ask that, if possible, only one parent/care/guardian accompany the patient - the less people in the reception area the safer we’ll all be.

  • At this time, we will be unable to accept cash or cheques. Please, credit/debit card or bank transfer only.

  • Everything mentioned previously is mandatory. Failure to follow our rules and guidelines will result in your appointment being cancelled.


All of us here at John Pacey-Lowrie Limited are looking forward to welcoming you all back to the clinic. Please bear with us whilst we try our best to navigate our way through this very difficult situation.


Stay safe.

With thanks,

The JPL Ltd Team.

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